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Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping //
KL Technik München. Regional & International.

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3D Druck München
3D Druck //
Professionell. Individuell. Schnell
KL Technik München. Regional & International.
Kleinserienfertigung Prototypen
Kleinserienfertigung //
KL Technik München. Regional & International.
Spritzguss München
Rapid Prototyping
KL Technik München. Regional & International.
Lasersintern //
Prototypen Erstellung
KL Technik München. Regional & International.

Rapid Prototyping / Small and Series production / Model Making / Rapid Tooling / Injection Molding / Engineering

KL TECHNIK is your competent partner and supplier for plastic injection molded parts for various industrial applications. We supply you with individual items, test and small series using the rapid tooling process (inexpensive injection molding tools for small series), but also injection molded parts in series production.

Your Ideas Within Your Reach!

Our core know-how lies in the production of small quantities for test or pre-series, which we can realise for you in a very short time with our rapid tooling process. Our goal is to produce the first injection molded parts within 1-2 weeks of design approval.

You need injection molded parts with complex part geometry, 2K or multi-component injection molded parts or hybrid technology (inserts made of metal, contact elements for e.g. e-mobility)? With our tool technology and the use of tool inserts we can do this for you with batch sizes as small as just one piece.

All from the Same Source!

Our experienced team of engineers and technicians will help you create design concepts and sketches, 3D-CAD parts construction suitable for injection molding and injection molding tool construction, production of first-samples and demonstration parts from various rapid prototyping and 3D printing processes right up to the series-ready plastic injection molded part.

Benefit from our Experience!

We can draw from more than 25 years of experience in the field of injection molding and rapid prototyping and help you to select the right process and material for your samples which we can be manufactured in-house for you.

Rapid Technologies

For small to medium lot sizes in plastic injection molding.


Small- & Series production

Series production of injection moulding parts.


Model Making

"All from one hand" From idea to product.



We create profesional CAD data according to your ideas, templates or sketches.



Vermessen von Bauteilen und Prototypen.


Medical Technologies

Operationsplanung & Kleinserienanfertigungen.



Professioneller 3D-Druck für höchste Ansprüche.


Research Projects

Neueste - technische Entwicklungen.